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What are the precautions for using agricultural sprayers?

Agricultural sprayer is a kind of agricultural machinery that disperses liquid. It is a kind of agricultural spraying machinery, plant protection machinery of agricultural machinery, and belongs to portable agricultural machinery. What should be paid attention to when using?

First of all, it should be operated in sunny weather and good air quality. It is not suitable to work at night, in heavy fog and thunderstorm weather, and it is not suitable to work in hot and scorching heat. It is not advisable to work in an environment with many people and animals around. The sprayer must be able to be used normally, test spray with clean water, and there is no leakage everywhere. The power machine and the liquid pump are running normally, the drainage is no problem, and the pressure regulation is normal.

Secondly, the operator must have a certain level of education, understand the performance of spraying, use methods and precautions. The operator is healthy, without heart disease, high blood pressure, no mental illness, and no drug allergy symptoms. Do not work when you are emotionally unstable, tired or after drinking. When working, you must strictly stick to your post, do not leave your post, and always pay attention to the dynamics of pedestrians. Operators should wear complete protective equipment, rubber gloves and glasses when dispensing medicine or in windy conditions.