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What should I do if the agricultural sprayer can't spray the medicine?

Agricultural sprayer is a kind of agricultural machinery that disperses the liquid. It is a kind of agricultural spraying machinery. The plant protection machinery in agricultural machinery belongs to portable agricultural machinery, but sometimes it does not spray the medicine. What should I do? Woolen cloth? We need to do the following checks.

1. Before starting the agricultural sprayer, it is necessary to check the pipeline first, and the connection of each fastener in the circuit is not loose. Press the start button and hear the sound of the machine turning, indicating that the circuit is normal. The window on the high-voltage line ignites, indicating that the spark plug is igniting normally.

2. Agricultural sprayers should not be operated at night, in heavy fog and thunderstorm weather, and should not be operated in hot and hot summer. It is not advisable to work in an environment with many people and animals around. Requirements for equipment status The agricultural sprayer should be able to be used normally, test spray with clean water, and there should be no leakage everywhere.

3. Sometimes we will encounter the situation that the agricultural sprayer cannot spray the medicine. If this problem occurs, we can first remove the spray nozzle of the mist spray to see if there is any blockage in it, and brush it with a brush. If it still doesn't work, try another nozzle.

The agricultural sprayer should run at a uniform speed during the operation. The spraying operators should pay attention to passing vehicles and pedestrians, and turn down or close the spray switch if necessary; at the same time, pay attention to fixing vehicles and other objects and items that may be damaged by the liquid, and when working When the staff can not stay away, always pay attention to the sprayer.