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Advantages of Fully Automatic Agricultural Sprayers

1. The main and auxiliary double carburetors are used to work at the same time, which can provide enough power to make the agricultural sprayer easy to start.

2. The power is large, it can work continuously and automatically, and the medicine mist is sprayed evenly.

3. Power supply by large-capacity battery, drive high-voltage pulse igniter, enhance the ignition ability of the spark plug, make oil mist ignition easier, start faster, and the spark plug has a longer life.

4. The high-speed air pump replaces the traditional air pump, so that the air supply is stable when the machine is started, which solves the shortcomings of discontinuous manual pumping, intermediate pause, and uneven and discontinuous size of the carburetor oil mist, making the machine start more smoothly.

5. There is no need for the throttle knob to adjust the size of the throttle, and there is no one-way valve for oil supply. These two points are the key to solving the difficulty of starting traditional agricultural sprayers.

The emergence of automatic agricultural sprayers greatly helps farmers to manage crops, and is simple to operate and easy to maintain. It is a good choice for farmers.