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What are the precautions for agricultural sprayers?

Agricultural sprayers are strictly prohibited from using inferior gasoline, and the fuel tank switch must be turned off during transportation. For long-term storage, the carburetor and the gasoline in the fuel tank should be drained. The agricultural sprayer cannot be used to clear debris or repair the machine without shutting down.

Before starting the engine of the agricultural sprayer, you must ensure that the gear lever is in the neutral position. Moreover, the paper air filter element must be cleaned of dust frequently. This maintenance is an important guarantee for the longevity of the engine.

All idling parts of the agricultural sprayer should be lubricated in time, especially the bearings should be checked frequently to prevent loss of oil due to lack of oil. When adding gasoline, it must be stopped and completely cooled. It is strictly forbidden to smoke and leave the fire source. The agricultural sprayer must use clean water when adding medicine. When the medicine is mixed, the top cover of the medicine bucket must be filled with water to prevent the spray head from being blocked and affecting the work efficiency.