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Common problems of agricultural sprayers

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(1) The hand stick is not focused. When the hand lever is compressed, if the air cylinder is watery or does not apply force, most of the skin pea shrinks, becomes hard or damaged, and the oil immersion should be removed or replaced with a new skin pea.

(2) Poor atomization. The spray is intermittent, and the water vapor is sprayed out at the same time. The reason is that the outlet pipe in the barrel is welded and desoldered, which can be removed and repaired with tin. If the sprayed mist shape is not conical, the reason is that the nozzle hole is blocked and the nozzle chip hole is not round. The debris in the nozzle can be removed and the nozzle chip can be replaced.

(3) Water leakage from many sources; water leakage of the spray rod is caused by desoldering or cracks in the welded joints, which should be repaired or replaced; for water leakage at all joints, tighten the threads or replace the washers with oil. If there is water leakage at the switch, the switch cap is loose; the sealing ring is damaged and the switch core is stuck, which can be tightened, replaced, cleaned, and refueled.