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When to avoid spraying with agricultural sprayers?

Agricultural sprayers have become very convenient equipment for agricultural use, saving time and effort, but there are some time periods when spraying cannot be done, such as the following:

1. There is dew in the morning, do not spray medicine
You can't spray medicine in the early morning of summer, because the dew has not disappeared. Spraying with dew will reduce the effectiveness of pesticides. The advantage of the commonly used air-delivery sprayer is that the droplets are small, and the wind blown by the fan will evenly bring the droplets to the front and back of the leaves and the inside of the canopy. Once there is dew on the leaves, it will reduce the adhesion rate and efficacy of pesticides.

2. No spraying in high temperature at noon
At noon, the temperature is very high, the orchard is dense and airtight, and the pesticides are toxic, which is prone to heatstroke poisoning. Moreover, when the medicine is sprayed at noon, the fruit trees are also prone to slight leaf burning.

3. Do not spray before the rainy day
Farmers need to check the weather forecast for the next few days every day, and reasonably arrange the time of spraying fruit trees according to the weather forecast. If the spraying is done before the rainy day, the medicine just sprayed has not fully taken effect, and the effect of preventing and controlling diseases and insect pests will be washed away by the rain. ,Time-consuming.