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What are the ten common faults of manual sprayers and their troubleshooting methods?

Hand sprayers are one of the most common equipment in agricultural production, and they are very simple to use and easy to repair. The following are 10 common faults of manual sprayers and their troubleshooting methods, please keep them for future use.

1. Can't spray mist and drip water

Cause of failure: The filter in the casing is blocked, or the inclined hole in the nozzle is blocked.
Remedy: Remove and clear the blockage.

2. When spraying, water and air are sprayed out at the same time

Cause of failure: The weld seam of the infusion tube in the persimmon is desoldered, or the infusion tube is corroded by the liquid medicine.
Troubleshooting method: Welding repair or replacement of new pipe is required.

3. The sprayed mist is scattered and not conical

Cause of failure: The shape of the nozzle hole is not correct or blocked by dirt, resulting in poor atomization.
Remedy: unscrew the nozzle cap to adjust, and remove the dirt from the nozzle hole.

4. The air cylinder cannot pump air

Cause of failure: The leather cup shrinks and hardens, wears and breaks, or the screws at the bottom of the cup fall off, and the cup falls off.
Troubleshooting method: Remove the shrunken leather cup and soak it in engine oil or animal oil, and install it after it expands; replace the broken leather cup with a new one, and if the screw is loose, install the leather cup and tighten it.

5. Leakage of air gland or water cover

Cause of failure: The main cause of this situation is that the seal is not tight. Check whether the rubber gasket is damaged or not flattened, and whether the convex green is desoldered from the gas cylinder.
Troubleshooting method: Replace the gasket, level the installation, and repair the desoldered part according to the situation.

6. Water leaks from the plug rod and gland

Cause of failure: The wall of the gas plate is de-soldered from the bottom of the gas cylinder, or the steel ball in the valve end is stuck by dirt and cannot be tightly sealed with the valve body, which will cause water to leak.

7. The switch is leaking
Cause of failure: The switch cap is not tightened, or the gasket on the switch core is damaged, or the surface of the switch core has little grease paint.

Remedy: Tighten the switch cap, or replace the gasket, or apply a thick layer of grease.

8. Do not feel strenuous when shaking the hand lever

Cause of failure: The water inlet ball valve is put up by dirt, or the cup is damaged, or the connecting parts are not filled with sealing groups or the sealing ring is damaged.

Remedy: Remove the water inlet for cleaning, or replace the new leather bowl soaked with engine oil, or install or replace the sealing ring.

9. Water leaks from the pump cover when pressurizing the liquid pump

Cause of failure: The liquid medicine is overfilled, exceeding the return line on the pump, or the cup is damaged.

Remedy: Pour out the liquid medicine beyond the specified water level, or replace the cup.

10. The switch of the manual sprayer cannot be turned

Cause of failure: The switch fixing nut is over-tightened, or the switch core is stuck due to chemical corrosion.

Remedy: Loosen the nut, or remove the switch and soak it in light oil for a period of time to clean and eliminate corrosion.