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The scope of use of electric sprayers

The electric sprayer is composed of a liquid storage tank connected through a filter screen, a connecting head, a suction device (small electric pump), a connecting pipe, a nozzle, and a nozzle in turn. The suction is a small electric pump, which is connected through a wire and a switch It is electrically connected to the battery. The battery box is installed at the bottom of the liquid storage tank. The liquid storage tank can be made into a recess for storing the battery. The advantage of the electric sprayer is that the suction tube is eliminated, which effectively eliminates the The external filter of pesticides harms the operator and saves effort. The pressure of the electric pump is higher than that of the manual suction cylinder, which increases the spraying distance and range. The atomization effect is good, saving time, labor and medicine!
Scope of use
Widely used in general industrial equipment, medical equipment, chemical equipment, agriculture (lawn and garden), tourism vehicles, special vehicles, ships, beverages, vehicle cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, water purification and water treatment equipment.
(1) Electric sprayers used in agricultural production can also be converted into electric sprayers by hand pressure sprayers (install a miniature water pump directly on the hand pressure sprayer, and then equip a battery or portable lamp).
(2) Solve the use of water for eating, washing, bathing, toilets, and flushing in vehicles, ships, yachts, and boats.
(3) Food and beverage processing and processing equipment to realize the transfer, distribution, and filling of fluid food.
(4) Household water supply. For example, water-saving toilets, water-saving toilets, electric toilets, water pipe pressurization systems, etc.
(5) Solar energy industry.
(6) Water purification industry. For example, purification equipment, water treatment equipment, drinking fountains, pure water machines, etc. It can be used for production enterprises such as soft towel machine, water dispenser, cola machine, juice machine, dishwasher, disinfection machine, solar bonsai, car glass washing and so on.
(7) Other equipment and systems that require liquid transfer, injection and even metering. For example, garbage trucks, sprinklers, carpet cleaning equipment, floor cleaning equipment, vehicle cleaning equipment, road construction equipment, dishwashers, medical equipment, chemical equipment, chemical protection equipment, disinfection equipment, cooling systems, pressurization systems, etc.