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Repair and maintenance of water pump in electric sprayer

The water pump is one of the main machines of the electric sprayer. It is responsible for supplying power and energy to the electric sprayer and maintaining the general operation of the machine. It can be said that it is the "heart" of the electric sprayer.
With the development of agricultural science and technology from time to time, the quality of electric sprayers has become more excellent. However, the results of the inquiry show that most of the problems of electric sprayers are due to the performance of the water pump. It can be seen that there is a great need for the maintenance and maintenance of the continuous superstition of the water pump.
1. When the power switch is turned on, there is no response from the electric sprayer, and the two output ends of the water pump electromechanical can perform normal tasks. This indicates that the pressure switch of the water pump is malfunctioning. At this time, a general pressure switch should be replaced immediately.
2. The battery voltage is normal and the water output is small. This may be due to foreign matter obstructing the pump head seal, damage to the electromechanical task bearing, or wear of the valve core and valve seat. The solution is to remove the foreign matter and replace the damaged parts.
3. When the electromechanical in the water pump has been aging, click on it to start from good to bad, occasionally or even suddenly stop the task, which shows that the service life of the electromechanical has not been long, and it is necessary to replace the electromechanical as soon as possible.
4. When there is atmosphere in the pump body or unsatisfied with the irrigation and water diversion, the pump can not suck water easily. At this time, it is necessary to reflect immediately, and then adopt methods such as filling the pump body with water, replacing worn-out parts, and tightening nuts for continuous maintenance according to the specific situation.
5. After temporary use, it is easy to show signs of wear, cracking, and cavitation. At this time, it can be repaired by repair welding, brush plating or polymer materials.
6. Water close to the water source can extend the length of the water pipeline, and then use the bottom valve to eliminate the blockage of the water pipeline. The water outlet is best to be level with the height of the ditch, which can increase the mechanical energy when the water is discharged and save energy for the pump;
At first, I would like to remind everyone that the life of the water pump is unlimited, but after accurate methods of continuous maintenance and adjustment, it can be used for 3-5 years. If you are not careful, it can be used for less than a year. "Departed forever". Therefore, grasp the accurate method and take good care of the pump.