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Knapsack manual sprayer

The sprayer parts must be installed correctly. Check whether each connection is leaking. When using, install clean water and test spray first, and then install the medicine.
Product structure

The product consists of welded parts of the chemical tank, pump, air chamber, outlet pipe, handle switch, spray rod, spray head, rocker parts and strap system.
Working principle

The product is shaken by the rocker component to open and close the cup in the pump and the air chamber, so that the pressure in the air chamber gradually rises. The liquid at the bottom of the liquid tank passes through the outlet pipe and then through the spray rod, and finally sprayed by the nozzle The fog comes.
Product features
1. Manufactured by imitating the curve of the human back.
2. The air chamber and the pump are combined into one, and they are built in the liquid tank.
3. Compact structure, reasonable, safe and reliable.
4.Using PU leather bowl, it is light, labor-saving and fast-boosting.
5. Equipped with a diaphragm pressure switch, it is not easy to leak, and the operation is flexible. It can be sprayed continuously or spot sprayed.
6. Choose high-quality materials, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, good sealing, and long service life.
7. The product is equipped with dual nozzles, fan-shaped nozzles, hollow cone mist nozzles and adjustable single nozzles, which can meet the spray needs of different crops.