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Five characteristics of greenhouse agricultural sprayers

1. High work efficiency. Greenhouse agricultural sprayers can reduce humidity and increase production and income. The agricultural sprayer has fine and uniform spray particles and is the best machine for developing green and pollution-free vegetables at present.
2. Less water consumption, saving time and effort. The greenhouse agricultural sprayer has the effect of reducing the humidity of greenhouse crops. Spray pesticides as usual on cloudy and rainy days, and the 100-meter-long greenhouse can be sprayed in ten minutes.
3. The effect is quick and the effect is obvious. The fine particles produced by the greenhouse agricultural sprayer have strong penetrating power and can directly pass through the plant canopy to kill insects, sterilize, and leave no dead ends.
4. The effect is lasting and the temperature is increased. 0.5-1.0 micron drug particles float in the air for a long time (2-8 hours). When the greenhouse temperature is too low in winter, the greenhouse agricultural sprayer can be used as a device to increase the greenhouse temperature.
5. There are few residues of phytotoxicity. The atomized particles of the greenhouse agricultural sprayer are fine and uniform, and it is an ideal supporting equipment for the development of green and pollution-free vegetables.